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Santa Teresa Gallura

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Via Salvatore Molino 4, 07028 Santa Teresa Gallura IT

Country. The country. Walk the streets of the town and visit the 19th century parish church of San Vittorio, the "Rena Bianca" blue flag beach since 1987, the Spanish Tower of Longonsardo, the church of Santa Lucia. Don't miss the marina with the ruins of Arborea Castle and the panoramic view from the San Diego church. The tourist port, already known in Roman times with the name Longonis, is well sheltered from the winds and is one of the most popular ports in Northern Sardinia. Going up Via del Porto and turning left, you will reach near Piazza Bruno Modesto the war memorial by the artist Maria Scano and the sculpture Pinuccio Sciola "The History of Time".


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Santa Teresa Gallura, IT

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